Vallejo Acrylic Artist 622: 60 Ml. Fluorescent Blue

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AED 25.20
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Acrylic Artist Color

Vallejo Acrylic Artist Color is manufactured with the best available pigments for artists in a color range of maximum stability and highest degree of light fastness. The pigments, organic and inorganic & such as cadmium, cobalt, quinacridones and pyrroles are dispersed in a 100% acrylic polymer emulsion.

The colors do not contain additives (neither fillers nor matting agents), and dry to a brilliant, satin, or matt finish depending on the pigment. Acrylic Artist Color has a thick and creamy consistency, and maintains the textures and volumes created with brush or spatula; they dry with a minimal alteration of color during transition from humid to dry, leaving a film of excellent adhesion, flexibility and resistance.

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