SINOART Human mannequins SFM021, 16” Female

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Product Type: Manequins
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Human Mannequins

Small human manikin      

Material: Boxwood or Chinese HEMU

Finishing: Natural

SFM001, 4.5’’

SFM002, 5.5’’

Human manikin             

Material: Chinese HEMU

Finishing: Natural or varnished

SFM016, 8’’ Male

SFM017, 8’’ Female

SFM018, 12’’ Male

SFM019, 12’’ Female

SFM085, 14” Male

SFM086, 14” Female

SFM020, 16’’ Male

SFM021, 16’’ Female

SFM022, 20’’ Male

SFM023, 20’’ Female

SFM024, 26’’ Male

SFM025, 26’’ Female

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