Lefranc & Bourgeois Rectified Turpentine 75ml bottle

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Turpentine is obtained by distilling the gum from pine trees. It is then rectified, which makes it colorless and increases fluidity. It is mainly used for thinning oil colors, thereby making them easier to use for basic sketch by fluid them without altering their hue. Less volatile than Quick Drying Petroleum, it gives less of a matt appearance to work. Available in 75 ml, box 3 bottles and 250 ml.

Vegetable solvent of ancient tradition belonging to the family of essential oils, has a certain volatility and is obtained with the distillation of the resinous parts of resiniferous trees. The best trees are pine, fir and lance, but there are many others that give an essence of better or worse quality.   

Sensitive to light and air, mixed with colors tends to opacify; The most practical way to avoid this inconvenience is to reinvigorate it with other additions and to choose a good brand.

The best essence of turpentine for use in the oil technique is that which is used for medical use and which is rectified, i.e. distilled twice.

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