LAUNDRY MARKER :Laundry Marker Artline # 750

Vendor: Artline
SKU: AMS00500
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Product Type: Permanent Marker
AED 8.25
(Inclusive of VAT)
AED 8.25
(Inclusive of VAT)
Packing: Piece
Colour: Black

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Laundry Marker Artline # 750


If you are in the laundry business, then these markers are for you. Artline brings to you a Specialist range of Markers from Shachihata Nagoya, Japan. The Artline Laundry Markers allows you to mark clothes without tampering or fading the fabric. It can be used in marking on a variety of fabrics-either before stitching or before wash. The ink in these whiteboard markers. Long-term exposure to Xylene can cause cancer. Available in a combo set of 3 colours: Black, Red and Blue

  • Materials: Plastic, Aluminum
  • Weight: .2 oz
  • Country of Origin: MY
  • Dimensions: 5"L x .687"W x .438"H
  • Quantity in Package: 1
  • Can Be Applied To Any Textiles

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