Ballpen Zebra 4 in 1 Color 0.7mm

Vendor: ZEBRA
SKU: AMS00960
Availability: In Stock
Product Type: Pens
AED 11.25
(Inclusive of VAT)
AED 11.25
(Inclusive of VAT)
Packing: PC
Colour: Black

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Ballpen Zebra 4 in 1 Color 0.7mm


These days, multi-pens have become so slim that you can't even tell they are multi-pens!

This new line from Zebra combines the great design and function of the Clip-On and wraps it in a slim body design.

The clip on the pen is a "clip on", meaning you can press it open to clip on to thicker objects such as a binder without worrying about breaking it.

Pen includes a black, blue, green and red ink pen in one.

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