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Product description

This workable paste gum is used to erase charcoal, graphite pencil, pastel, sanguine ... It absorbs pigments that are deposited excessively on paper. Just squeeze it to clean it, and to be able to erase again effectively. It has the advantage of not leaving flakes on the surface. Thanks to its flexibility, it lets you create pointed shapes to erase very fine parts or a ball or flat shape to clear larger sections of a drawing, and erase more or less according to the pressure exerted on the drawing.

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For charcoal or pencil work


Pastel properties :

  • Pastels: Hard and very resistant
  • Dilution: Turpentine essence

Hard pastels are best used on paper, but they can also be applied to any surface to be painted.

Charcoal properties :

  • Composition: Carbonization of willow wood
  • Drawing: Regular and soft of a deep black

The variations of effects depend on the way the pastel (or charcoal) is held, the degree of pressure exerted, the grain and the color of the paper which will make the line more or less saturated.

Pebeo's breadcrumbs gum is used to erase pastel and charcoal by absorbing the pigments that have settled in excess on the sheets.

Pebeo's Pastel and Charcoal Fixative allows you to fix the powdered color of the pastel without changing the shade. It is preferable to fix pastel colors to preserve the work of time and to prevent them from staining to the touch because they never really dry since they are composed of wax and oil.

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