Post It Flag 3M- 680

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SKU: AMS00859
Availability: In Stock
Product Type: Sticky Notes & Bookmarks
AED 10.75
(Inclusive of VAT)
AED 10.75
(Inclusive of VAT)
Packing: pkt containing 50 flags
Colour: Blue

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Post It Flag (1*50) - Blue / Green / Orange / Pink / Purple / Red / Yellow 3M

Post-it Flags make it simple to mark, flag or highlight important information.

Eye-catching, colourful flags are easy to spot and have space to write. Each flag sticks securely and removes cleanly.

The included dispenser dispenses one flag at a time. Use them to draw attention to critical items, index, file or colour-code.

Removable flags mark your place, tab and highlight information. Copy shows through flags. Write on flags to customize.

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